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From a different perspective...

See the stunning Highland landscape, from the ruins of castles to ancient standing stones and learn about the history of this incredible country 

Ballachulish hills in Scotland
Walk in the footsteps of Jaime and Claire

Bringing Outlander to Life

Pack your bags, take a deep breath and prepare to travel back in time to a rugged and wild Scotland. Come with us as we follow in the footsteps of Jaime and Claire on their journey across the Highlands.  Don’t just settle for a mass produced tour shuttling you from one Outlander filming location to another! Immerse yourself in the wonder of the Highlands with an exciting, hands-on Outlander experience. 

The Isle of Skye in Scotland
Historic tours of Scotland, done differently.

"Blur the borders between fantasy and reality. With us, history and folklore come together to create a magical and immersive vacation that will last a lifetime."

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