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Our Mission

Travels Through Time

Graham and Jan O’Neill have been running tours in the Highlands of Scotland for the past 10 years. They continue to run Highlands Unbridled, operating horseback trail riding tours in wild and remote areas of the Highlands.  As well as riding, these tours have a particular focus on local history, myths and legends including Bonnie Prince Charlie themed rides and ridden Outlander tours. Having found so many little known places of interest that were impossible to visit on horseback, they launched a new venture allowing them to share their passion for Scotland’s history with a wider audience. 

Travels Through Time is a small, local business operating in the north Highlands of Scotland. Our mission is to provide visitors to Scotland with an authentic Scottish experience like no other, combining the beauty of the landscape in the Highlands and Isles with an authentic insight into the rich cultural history of this land. Both Graham and Jan have had a passion for history since childhood.

Jan was born in England, with Welsh roots. Growing up in the South of England on the junction of two pre-historic highways, the Icknield Way and the Ridgeway, her interest was sparked at a very young age by the henges, barrows and hill forts of the area. Her favourite places to visit as a child was Stonehenge, where she would picnic on the stones with her family. There was also the Uffington White Horse which was carved by ancient hands into the chalk of the hill, where she would ponder upon the people who had created this fantastic monument and wonder why… She is still wondering today!

Hardly surprising then that her period of special interest is that of pre-Roman Britain and the ancient tribes of these islands.  Scotland is awash with standing stones and burial cairns, brochs, hill forts and secret places dedicated to saints and pre-christian goddesses alike.  She is also interested in the history of the ordinary people, the people who lived in the hills and glens and made their living from working the land here. 

Jan and Graham, Travlels Through Time
Jan and Graham, Travlels Through Time


Graham was born in Scotland, with family roots in the Highlands.  His family moved to Glasgow after the notorious Highland Clearances.  Brought up on his Grannies tales of the clearances and his families cattle droving roots, Graham developed a lifelong interest in the history of the Highlands and Scotland in general.  He is a fount of knowledge on all Scottish history; from the Picts and the Scots, through the kings and queens of Scotland, right the way up to the present day. He is particularly interested in how Scotland was originally formed as a kingdom during the time of the Picts and the Scots and the Wars of Scottish Independence. A Jacobite at heart, passionate and knowledgeable particularly about this period of Scottish history and the clan system in general, he also enjoys traditional music and dancing and enjoys going to local ceilidhs.


I did the Outlander trek last spring with Jan and Graham. It was SO WONDERFUL! It exceeded any and all expectations.I have done a considerable amount of traveling around the world in the past 15 years, mostly self-directed trips. To have everything taken care of AND included was such a delightful difference for me. I felt so pampered. As we rode through the Highlands, Jan would point out locations relevant to the Outlander storyline as well as its historical significance. I was very impressed by their knowledge of both Scottish history and Outlander locations and trivia. We saw Lallybroch, the mill stream where Jamie took that memorable dip, and the croft house where Claire waulked the wool with the ladies. I was even lucky enough to stay in "Claire's Inverness B&B room" when we were in Falkirk- you know the one. I could not have asked for a better experience or better guides. It was truly hard to come back from that trip.


Trudy Mullins

This was the trip of a lifetime!! It was fabulous - Jan and Graham are amazing people and I'm happy to now call them friends. They were so knowledgeable of history and our rides each day, while challenging, were simply amazing. They bend over backwards to accommodate each guest. Our lodgings were quaint with great, great food. They did not disappoint on any front. I hope to visit them again and cannot recommend them highly enough.


Karin Hodges

AMAZING!!!!! If you love Outlander and riding then the Outlander ride is perfect. My friend and I just returned home to the US last night. What a fantastic trip it was, 3 days touring by car and 5 days riding on horseback. We saw and visited so many key Outlander sights from both the books and the TV series.Scotland is so beautiful and seeing areas on horseback that would be pretty much non accessible otherwise was amazing. Jan and Graham were the best! They were so much fun, we all had some good laughs and a fantastic time. Thank you Jan and Graham for the best trip ever!!!!!

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